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About Our Clients

The members at GoRyde vary greatly. Rather than hearing it from us, here is what they say about us:

“We really want to thank for you for Training our National Series BMX Team,this Winter/Spring. What a great job you did working with ECC BMX, you specialized the sessions so it would be more beneficial to improve the riders racing skills along with strength training! It was a pleasure dealing with the GoRyde Crew every week! Thank you again..much appreciated!!”
—Your Friends from ECC BMX!

“I’ve never gotten a better workout in an hour on a bike. Best spin gym** I’ve ever been to!”
John Macchione
George Washington University Cycling Team
2012 NJ U23 Individual Time Trial Champion

** GoRyde disclaimer – we are NOT a spin gym ;)

“I’ve been training with Bill 2-3 times a week since January of this year.  The combination of Kettle Bell and TRX workouts were unlike anything I’d ever done before– every part of my body was pushed.
It wasn’t until the spring when I first went out on the golf course that I realized I’d gotten stronger and more agile.  When I hit my first drive 30 or so yards further than normal, I chalked it up to thin air and luck.  But when I did it for the fourth or fifth time, I realized something was different.  The driver was the same.  I had changed.
I’ve done weights before, and sure, they are probably the quickest way to pump up your chest and biceps.  But Bill’s workouts are about functionality– strengthening and toning the parts of your body that have been neglected for years.”

“My exercise routine was in a complete rut– I was running once a week at best. At a point of frustration one Sunday night, I emailed Bill and Courtney and told them I was showing up for the 5:30 AM class the next day. Now, over 60 classes later, I’ve dropped over 15 pounds, bought a bike, and found a great new way to exercise. The best part of GoRyde is that the classes are as tough as you need them to be. Since I controlled my resistance level, and it was private, I could keep it at a level that allowed me to keep up with the class. As I got stronger, I found myself wanting to increase the resistance in order to get more out of my workouts.
Most importantly– Bill and Courtney are terrific. They are interested in my progress, encouraging and positive. It’s clear when you talk to them that it’s not just about the class– it’s about making changes to your life that have real impact.”
Bob P

“GoRyde makes you better at motorcycle roadracing or any other fun things you like doing. I’m a keeper!”
Bob M

“GoRyde has improved my mountain biking stamina. Hills that I used to walk up I just climb”
Josh G

“I have been doing GoRyde since they opened and it is by far the most fun group exercise I have ever done. The instructors are all awesome and you burn more calories than any other spin class. I will never go back to regular spin after being on these bikes. Everyone needs to try this!!”
Janis M

“The owners have the cutest children Ellie and RJ … Sometimes I try to steal them. They give great hugs and say the cutest things. Oh and class is really awesome too.”

“I love it! I like how I can get an awesome workout in thats close to my house. The Reality Rydes are hardcore and so much fun! I have lost 15 lbs in less than 3 months since taking these classes.”
Ashley P

“Let me start by saying I hate doing cardio, but I’ve been attending GoRyde classes since they opened a few months ago and I’m hooked. So far I have lost 25 pounds! There are several instructors with their own take on the RealRyder experience so each ride is very different. You definitely don’t get bored. The instructors give personal attention to each rider and foster a family environment where everyone is welcome whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete. There are online reservations so you always know you have a bike waiting for you.. Most newcomers are afraid that the workout will be too hard, I used to be one of them, but you go at your own pace. The instructor is only a guide. The more you put in the more you get out of it!”
Tom H

“I have lost 43 lbs in 6 months at GoRyde”

“It probably would have been a good idea for me to read the small print on the GoRyde contract, but I was in a hurry, and Bill and Courtney seemed like reasonable people. Now, two hospitalizations and one restraining order later, I’ve learned a lot about my physical and mental limits, as well as what “technically” qualifies as stalking in Hunterdon County. Everything seemed fine after the first class– I got in a good workout and was psyched to get back for the next class. I didn’t even find it odd that Courtney called my house at 5:15AM to “make sure I was getting my fat ass down to the studio.” Things started to get a bit weird, though, when Bill started the “weigh-ins” before each class and started posting our weights to the GoRyde website. It was the electrified bicycle seat that put me in the hospital the first time, and that’s when I decided to quit, and things got really weird. The rock through the window, painted with the GoRyde logo, the night we found Bill going through our garbage can with a calorie counter– it got pretty scary. Now that we’re in the witness protection program, though, we’re confident we can start rebuilding our lives.”

“I never thought I could enjoy exercising but I love how I feel during and after a GoRyde class. GoRyde’s variety, effectiveness and awesome instructors keep class exciting, fun and leave you wanting more!”

“I went on my first ride outside today in a long time!! Made it up a hill I have been trying to do for 17 years !!! No Joke BTW I beat my 15 yr old home hehehehe Thanks Go Ryde!!!”
Love that rides are based on real cycling, and being able to schedule online. It is the main reason I went to GoRyde in the first place- reservations. The instructors are great and give advice on class and real cycling.

I am really happy with the way you have everything at this point. You have a variety of styles with the instructors, the class is always different and it’s intense, those are the three keys I look for in a group workout program. Keeping the intensity up is #1 for me, I like someone to challenge me, and push me out of my comfort zone to get results

The best work out you can possibly get. I have lost close to 30 pounds now taking these classes and eating healthy. All the instructors are amazing and make sure every one is getting the best work out possible. I love going to class and seeing the familiar faces every week that make working out fun. I am in the best shape I have been in quite some time and looking forward to kicking some more butt in 2014!

I keep wanting to go back

Courtney’s helping me achieve my fitness goals

Cool Bikes!  Reality Ride Rocks!

Class schedule is convenient, staff is great

Owners are athletes and have training for athletes

Friendly, encouraging, helpful, great workout

Great owner and great instructors

The family friendly atmosphere.

Great classes, fun people and a great workout.

If you put in the time & effort, you will get fit.

Good instructors with an intamite feeling

High intensity atmosphere.

The owners are genuine hard working and passionate

Energy. Welcoming.

Great Workouts with great people

The hard work of the attendees and instructors

The work out kills !

friendly atmosphere and great workout

It’s intimate. Great trainers.

The energy Bill and Courtney bring to motivate

Excellent instructors, great workout, motivating!

PosItive and friendly instructors

it’s a fantastic workout and a friendly atmosphere

It challenges me.

Everyone is nice and you get a great workout.

It’s a fitness family, run by focused, fun pros!

Motivation by the owner instructors

Friendly,focused,goal oriented,small setting.

They care.

passion,knowledge and the true cyclist mentaltity

Burn a lot of calories in a modern, fun setting

Great energy…..each workout is maxed


GoRyde offers an intense, fun workout in an hour.

you get a solid workout.

Always getting a bike and your quality staff

It’s not your ordinary spin class!

the people and the grest classes that push me

The type of cycles we ride and TRX

The energy generated by the instructors

The instructors,45 min classes,very close to home.

Great training and love the moving bikes

it’s inspiring and uplifting!

The people! A great community with a local focus.

I love the owners, instructors, and the atmosphere


Feel free to leave your own comments about us and we will publish it permanently here on this page for everyone to see!

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