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About RealRyder

RealRyder® is a completely new kind of fitness equipment that is revolutionizing the world of indoor cycling.

With ordinary stationary bikes, you just sit and don’t engage your core. The RealRyder® gives you a stationary bike ride that’s anything but stationary.

  • Engage more muscles than you would on a traditional indoor bike
  • Work your core more than you would on a regular indoor bike
  • Burn more calories
  • Overcome boredom with a more fun and dynamic riding experience

RealRyder® ABF8 has a unique, articulating frame that allows it to steer, turn, and feel like a road bike. That side-to-side motion requires constant shifts of balance – continuous adjustments and corrections that correspond to a rider’s movements on the road while encountering wind shifts, obstacles, and banked and curving surfaces.

The result is a unique 5-in-1 workout that improves not just legs and cardio, but also upper body and core muscles groups. What’s more, the RealRyder® ABF8 challenges – and improves – the rider’s sense of balance.

More kinds of movement. More muscles used. More calories burned. The RealRyder® ABF8 provides a range of full-body exercise benefits that simply can’t be approached by conventional indoor bikes.

After 20 years of consistent stationary cycle design, the introduction of the RealRyder Cycle has changed indoor bike technology forever. This ryde encourages, teaches and rewards good form and proper pedal stroke. Ryders will experience the actions and benefits of turning, leaning and balancing. Discover the future of indoor cycling, today!

Indoor Cycling Studio

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