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No this isn’t an astronomy lesson. In the HKC realm at least, the center of the kettlebell universe is the swing. In the upcoming Kettlebell Foundations at GoRyde, we will be dissecting the swing, as well as some other incredible exercises with the kettlebell. This Foundations program will lay the groundwork needed for the upcoming Kettlebell Advanced sessions. These advanced sessions will only be available to those that have completed the Foundations program, or at a minimum, proved they have the skill and strength to perform the advanced exercises safely and effectively.

Keep in mind, at GoRyde, the RYDE will always come first, but since both Courtney and I do more than just ride our bikes, we thought we should bring to you guys additional ways for you to reach your fitness goals. Back in my body building days, I used to do kettlebell workouts as an alternative high intensity circuit type workout. It was a nice change of pace to the heavy poundages I enjoyed lifting, but since packing on as much muscle mass was the priority for me back then, I never stuck with ithe kettlebell. Heather recently put the idea back into my head, and I’m running with it. These workouts are such an awesome compliment to what we do here at GoRyde, I just have to incorporate it. As for me as a trainer, I will be a certified HKC instructor in the next few weeks with a goal of the RKC.

Our training and coaching will be top notch, and just like the RealRyder bike that rewards proper pedal stroke and good form, so will proper execution and good form reward those swinging the bell. Get ready for maximum heart rates in short bursts, high calorie burns, incredible core fitness, big increases in strength, endurance and flexibility, and of course lots of sweat and lots of fun!

Check the EVENTS AND WORKSHOPS tab in MBO to sign up for Kettlebell Foundations. This is a limited space small group personal training session.

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  1. 2 spots left…

  2. Cant wait to start!!!

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